Lesson 3 Homework

Lesson 3 Homework

Empowering Growth Mindsets –  Unlocking Potential for Success

In terms of goal setting, go down the list below, and write down as many ideas that you can in the space provided. Do not hesitate, do not overthink, do not worry if they are realistic or attainable. Just write!

You can do this by yourself or with a teammate, your boss or other leaders in the company.

Remember, it’s important to not get caught up in the “HOW” when setting goals because it can limit creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. When a person focuses too much on the specific steps or strategies for achieving a goal, they may miss out on potential opportunities, solutions, or ideas that may emerge along the way. In addition, the “HOW” can often be influenced by external factors that are outside of a person’s control, such as changes in the market, unexpected challenges, or obstacles, or shifts in the competitive landscape. By focusing too much on the “HOW”, a person may become rigid and inflexible in their approach and may struggle to adapt to these changes or challenges. 

Instead of getting caught up in the “HOW”, it’s important to focus on the “WHAT“,  WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?  By focusing on the “WHAT”, a person can remain open to new ideas and opportunities, and can be more flexible and adaptable in their approach to achieving their goals. Of course, it’s still important to have a general idea or plan for how to achieve a goal, but this plan should be seen as a flexible roadmap that can be adjusted and refined as needed, rather than a rigid set of instructions that must be followed exactly. By maintaining a focus on the “WHAT” while remaining open to new ideas and possibilities, a person can achieve their goals in a more creative, innovative, and effective way. 

In this exercise, participants should allow themselves the freedom to dream big and write down as many goals as they wish, without getting bogged down in the details of how they’ll achieve them. The focus should be on identifying what they truly want, and allowing themselves to imagine a future where those things are a reality.

The following homework is necessary to have completed for the next lesson. Write as many ideas as possible, I have provided a list of questions to spark some ideas, but they are only meant to guide you, feel free to expand with what you want in any area of your business and professional life.

Say NO to negative self talk, NO to hesitations, NO to overthinking. 

Say YES to dreaming, YES to visualizing, YES to imagination.

NOTE: Write them in bullet points as it will be easier for our next project in the next lesson. The following questions are used to guide you, you are allowed to go in a different direction if my questions don’t spark any ideas, follow your intuition and write as many things you desire for your business.

For Business Goals: