The Legacy Circle

Transformative Monthly Group Coaching

The Legacy Circle begins in January 2024, the perfect time to embark on a transformative journey and to start your new year resolutions.

Make this year the year you invest in your personal growth and legacy.

Welcome to The Legacy Circle!

Your gateway to a life-transforming journey guided by the incredible
Denise Beaupré.

As a Special Bonus for joining, here’s what you’ll get:

Free Digital Copy of “Your Legacy Journal”

Imagine having the blueprint to unlock your potential, craft
your legacy, and transform your life. This powerful journal is your key to self-discovery, personal growth,
and building a lasting legacy. It’s a gift from Denise to kickstart your journey.

Free Access to All The Legacy Circle Calls

Get ready to be a part of our dynamic and supportive
community. You’ll have exclusive access to all our calls, including sporadic monthly sessions where
Denise will share her insights, and sometimes even invite guest speakers who may not always be experts
but have found creative ways of using the journal or have amazing stories to share. These sessions are
like treasure troves of wisdom, inspiration, and unique perspectives.

Q&A Sessions

Have burning questions about personal growth, mindset transformation, or business
success? Denise will be there to provide answers and guidance during our Q&A sessions. This is your
chance to seek wisdom from someone who’s been there, done that, and is committed to your growth.

Be the First to Know

As a member, you’ll always be in the know about any exciting services, events, or
opportunities that Denise has in store for the future. We believe in keeping you ahead of the curve.

Bring a Friend

Life’s journey is better when shared with others. Feel free to invite a friend to join The
Legacy Circle, and let’s create a ripple effect of growth and transformation together.

Meet the Host- Denise Beaupré


Denise Beaupre is not just an ordinary mentor; she’s a force of nature. With her second book launched since 2018, she brings years of experience and knowledge to the table. She’s been through the highs and lows, faced challenges head-on, and emerged stronger. She’s authentic, relatable, and speaks from the heart.

Why Join The Legacy Circle?

Define Your Legacy: Within The Legacy Circle, you’ll learn to define and embrace your own unique legacy. Share your stories, hear others’ journeys, and be inspired to leave your mark on the world.

Self-Development: Dive into topics that inspire personal and professional growth, enriching your life journey. We’re here to support your ongoing development.

Mindset Transformation: Understand how a positive mindset can lead to lasting success and a meaningful legacy. Let’s reshape the way you think and act.

Business Growth Insights: Gain valuable insights into scaling your business, navigating challenges, and achieving your goals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, we’re here to help you thrive.

Completely Free for All Ages, All Communities, All Genders: In Denise’s world, inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. We extend a warm welcome to individuals of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, and all genders. 

Your unique journey is our shared journey, and together, we create a supportive and enriching environment for personal growth and transformation.

Are You Ready to Craft Your Legacy?

So, are you ready to unlock your potential, define your legacy, and embrace a life filled with purpose and

Join The Legacy Circle today, and let’s embark on this incredible journey together.

Remember, your legacy is not something you leave behind; it’s something you build every day.

Let’s make every moment count!”

Q & A

What is The Legacy Circle?

A: The Legacy Circle is a transformative community led by Denise Beaupre, dedicated to selfdevelopment, mindset transformation, and crafting legacies that endure. It offers a platform for
individuals to define and embrace their unique legacies, with access to valuable resources and
inspirational sessions.

Are the calls and sessions only for entrepreneurs?

A: No, our calls and sessions are open to individuals from all walks of life, not just entrepreneurs.
Whether you're an aspiring business owner or someone looking to enhance personal growth, you'll find
value in The Legacy Circle

How often are the sporadic monthly calls held?

A: The sporadic monthly calls are hosted by Denise Beaupre, and they typically occur once a month.
However, sometimes there may be additional sessions, so it's a pleasant surprise that adds extra value
to your membership.

Can I access past recordings of the calls and sessions?

A: We currently do not offer access to past recordings, but we believe in the power of live engagement
and the real-time interaction you'll have with Denise and fellow members. This way, you get to ask
questions and participate actively in the discussions.

Is Denise Beaupre the sole speaker for the calls and sessions?

A: While Denise is the primary host, we occasionally invite guest speakers who bring unique
perspectives and experiences to our community. These guest speakers may not always be experts but
have incredible stories or creative ways of using the journal to share.