Leading with Purpose: Breaking the Boundaries of Traditional Leadership


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Ever felt like your leadership approach was running on autopilot, stuck in a cycle of outdated methods? Enough is enough. This course is your personal invitation to break free and step into a transformative, purpose-driven style of leadership that makes a real impact.

I’m not here to bog you down with theories that look good on a PowerPoint but fall flat in real life. This is about giving you actionable, meaningful strategies that you can apply immediately. I’ve poured my own experiences, research, and insights into every lesson to take you beyond the basics, touching on fostering workplace creativity, shattering the barriers of mediocre leadership, and much more.

Fed up with the status quo? You’re in the right place. Consider this course your personal catalyst for meaningful change, designed to ignite passion and purpose in both you and your team. Through this course, you won’t just adapt to the changing landscape of leadership—you’ll become a pioneer in redefining it.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The world doesn’t need more managers trapped in traditional paradigms; it needs transformative leaders—like you—ready to push boundaries and lead with intention and vision.

Prepare to reinvent yourself, seize control, and embrace leadership that truly makes a difference.

Prepare yourself for an Outstanding Achievement, a Certificate of Participation awaits you upon reaching the finish line.

Lesson 1: Why should we want to Lead with Purpose? Introduction

Stuck in the “business-as-usual” leadership rut? Shake things up! Find out how abundance, adaptability, and creativity aren’t just buzzwords—they’re your new arsenal. Don’t miss the boat on becoming the kind of leader who inspires and adapts, especially when the world’s throwing curveballs.

Lesson 2: Goal Setting for Team Success

Ever feel like your team’s running a never-ending relay with no finish line? Ditch the aimless hustle. Learn how to set goals that mean something to you and your team. This isn’t another box-ticking exercise; it’s about finding your north star.

Lesson 3: Collaborative Blueprint and the Future Focused G.R.O.W.T.H. Mehod

Ever got stuck in the “how” of achieving team goals? Let’s tackle that head-on! In this lesson, discover how to lay out a ‘Collaborative Blueprint’ to dodge pitfalls like limited thinking and fear of failure. Learn killer strategies that will drive your team toward achieving goals more efficiently.

Lesson 4: Fostering Workplace Creativity

Sick of staring at a team that’s just clocking in and out? Time for a creative revolution. Learn to ignite that elusive “creative spark” in your team. You’ll be amazed at what they’re capable of—and what you’ve been missing out on.

Lesson 5: Confronting Change and Challenging Mediocrity

Fed up with “good enough” and wary of change? Kick mediocrity to the curb and embrace change like a pro. This is your wake-up call to stop settling and start leading a team that’s fired up and ready for anything.

Lesson 6: Sustaining Workplace Momentum: Consistent Growth and Productivity

Tired of the same ol’ grind day in and day out? We’re breaking the wheel. Learn how to turn ‘consistency’ from a dreaded word into your secret weapon for unstoppable growth.

Lesson 7: Attitude is Everything: Elevate Your Workplace Culture

Ever wonder why some teams soar while others struggle? The secret is often in the attitude. This lesson equips you with the key insights and practical tools to cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) in your workplace, driving both culture and performance. Get ready to transform your team.

Lesson 8: Cultivating a Thriving Team: Root Out Bad Apples, Nourish Success

Ever sensed team discord? This final lesson focuses on identifying “Bad Apples” and offers quick fixes for a healthier work environment. Learn how trust and shared goals lead to collective triumphs. Success is more than numbers—it’s about genuine connections.

Denise Beaupré, Instructor

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Managers and Team Leaders
  • Professionals and Employees across industries
  • Creative Professionals
  • Individuals in any Position in any Industry

Program Details:

Duration: 8-week program with LIVE Q&A session

Structure: In-person workshops or virtual call 1 hour per session

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$1800 + tx

Now ONLY $900 + tx!





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